Choosing a Stain Color

Tips for choosing a stain color and sheen for your hardwood floors.

Currently darker stains are trending verses several years ago most hardwood floors were finished natural or with a light stain such as golden oak or golden pecan.  Today, stain colors such as Special Walnut, English Chestnut and Jacobean are used more and more.

The darker the stain color the more dust, dirt and wear and tear will show on the hardwood floor.  As far as sheen goes…the higher the sheen (shine) the more dust, dirt and wear and tear will show also.  We suggest to consider a lower sheen such as Satin with darker stained floors.

Try to avoid “trendy” colors.  Today it seems the trend is a shade of grey.  From paint to counter tops to cabinets to stain colors, grey is in.  Trendy colors can go out as fast as they came in, so tread lightly when choosing colors for higher end items as they will cost much more to replace when the trends change.

Traditional colors, whether light or dark, are a safer choice for the long run.

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